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Drop Support Harness

Drop Support is a whole upper body support harness, with a centralised support handle. The Central Support handle helps to distribute the user's weight during Fall Prevention and User Assistance.

Drop Support provides more support and user control over standard Gait Belts. We believe it starts with having control over the upper body, and NOT just the waist area.

When you have control over the upper body, you're more able to see the impact and difference in these key areas of Fall Prevention and User Assistance.


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Help reduce physical injuries in individuals of need, while increasing their quality of life.

Whether it's for a special needs child, grandparent, patient or student.

This starts with giving families, caregivers, teachers and therapists an innovative tool that did not exist, until now. A safer and more controllable way of providing fall support to those you care about and to those you care for.

To give hope, when hope felt lost while increasing their quality of life!

Drop Support Features


Special Needs & Schools Staff Safety

Not all teachers are trained on the proper way to handle special needs students, often leaving the staff worries the student will get hurt on their watch.

Drop Support has been proven effective in school settings by giving the staff more confidence when providing fall support and assistance.


Transfer Assist with Safety

Easily assist with transfer by means of the shoulder straps and rear support handles.

When you lift up in one section, it's equivalent to lifting all the way around, as the whole system is tethered together.

This helps to increase safety for the individual as well as for the assistant.

An All-in-One Support System!


Stand Assist with Safety

The Drop Support Handle sits higher up, allowing for more upper body control when assisting, and reduces back strain.

In the event the individual starts to fall forward during standing, the assistant can pull back on the handle to bring the individual back to seating or slow the momentum of the forward fall. This is made possible due to the chest and shoulder strap integration.


Elderly Care

Our Elderly often require more fall safety care and delicate assistance.

Drop Support aims to provide more fall support and assistance in these key areas: Fall Prevention, Stand Assist, Walking, and Transfers.

Drop Support aims to promote confidence for a more active lifestyle, while looking to reduce Hip Fractures.


Forward Falls and Safety

Forward falls are very difficult  to control and support, as you need to be standing in front of the individual to stop/reduce their forward motion.

Drop Suport allows the assistance to more safely control the individual forward motion from behind.

Utilising the support handle, there is less worry that the individual will slip out of their hands.


Walk Assist

Drop Support allows for the individual to walk more freely and lessens the need to be clutched by the assistance.

This boosts the individual's confidence to become more active, while feeling assured that they are still being supported.

Promoting more daily exercise, and less wheelchair confinement.

The Drop Support Difference

Centre of Gravity & Balance

Use of the support handle, an assistant can aid the user in regaining their balance by helping them find their center of gravity and base of support. If the user begins to fall forward, backwards, or side-to-side, the assistant utilizes the support handle to change the direction of the fall to re-establish the user's center of gravity and allowing the user to find their base of support, which the user will then be stable and balanced.


Drop Support allows you to gain more leverage and control of the User's upper body. Having leverage allows you to more effectively control the directional movement of the individual, to help steer them away from danger.

Leverage is also beneficial with helping to Lift the individual during transfers, after a fall, or standing.

More leverage means less back pain.


When the Drop Support harness is properly fitted and snugly secured, the assistant has a better chance of slowing the user's forward/downward momentum before it has a chance of gaining acceleration. By limiting or reducing the user's momentum, the assistant is more likely to be able to manage the user's decent, which is both safer for the user and the assistant.

What Users Say

"Quality of life... positively impacted"

I am writing this letter in testimony to an ingenious product called Drop Support Harness that aides people with disabilities. I am a Family Practice physician. I have a complicated patient with uncontrolled seizures and mental disabilities. She and her caregivers have greatly benefited from the use of this product. Her quality of life has been positively impacted as a result of this new harness. Her caregiver are now able to safely care for her during a seizure as well as helping with transfers while assisting with her activities of daily living. This harness has proven to be safe aide in her care as it does not inhibit movement of her extremities or constrict her breathing. I can highly recommend this product as a safe way to care for people with disabilities with a high fall risk with transferring or other conditions such as seizures.

Cheryl F. Sacco, M.D.

The best harness for assisting walking

The harness is Excellent for assisting for walking! It is the best harness that I am aware of for this task. The harness is designed in a way that makes it extremely easy to use when assisting our clients.

It is very well constructed and am not aware of another device that is safer for our clients.

I would definitely recommend this product for fall prevention.

Harry Priesmeyer
Above & Beyond Caring LLC.
Front Line Supervisor

"By far the safest for the Consumer & Staff"

100% Effective. Without this product I would not be 110% confident in caring for my clients. Extremely easy to use. It has the grip handle in the back, but really use every piece on it to grip for a fall. Very easy to train staff.

I have worked with many other types of support belts & the Drop Support harness is by far the Safest for the Consumer & Staff.

I would recommend this over any other product.

Baylei Barnes
Above & Beyond Caring LLC.
Care Coordinator

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